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Here's my version of the Chrome Expiriment ball droppings, mine however uses Silverlight 2 instead of Javascript.

I did this to see just how fast Google's Chrome really is versus a statically compiled runtime like Silverlight.



  • Took 2 hours to port from Javascript
  • Has not been optimised at all, code is intentionally as close to the Javascript one as possible
  • No sound yet


How to use

  • Drag lines for the balls to bounce off
  • Use the slider at the bottom to reduce or increase the drop delay.

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SIlverlight is faster than Javascript, although Google Chrome running the Javascript is pretty fast. Try the original C++ version at
Posted 02:51, 23 Mar 2009
Hey it works now!
Posted 13:35, 23 Mar 2009
Yeah was originally having issues as it was built with Silverlight 3, now compiled on Silverlight 2 it seems to be viewable for the general public.
Posted 12:53, 25 Mar 2009
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